BANG® Diesel Switcher Locomotive<br>  *SOLD OUT

Another Blast from the past… an “ITTY BITTY BANG BANG” Why BANG®?…Switchers work in a freight yard. when cars couple together they go BANG.

The BANG® S-4 Diesel features...

1. Approx. length 10 inches over couplers
2. Dual motors
3. Electronic F-N-R
4. Electronic Horn
5. Directional headlights
6. Directional Operating front/rear marker lights
7. BEEPeople® 'Little Wally' engineer/fireman seated cab figures
8. Flashing Roof Beacon
9. Completely redesigned metal chassis with detailed full pilot
10. Completely redesigned metal handrails and handrail posts
11. Additional metal handrails on cab door
12. Accurate 'ALCO-style' smokestack
13. ALCO-style builder's plate detail
14. Improved details on bodyshell
15. Operating Diecast couplers front/rear
16. Prototypical roadnumbers
17. Prototypical paint schemes