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RMT READY MADE TRAINS is no longer associated with Polk's Hobby or ARISTO CRAFT.

Stay tuned for RMT/Ready Made Trains info as we move forward into 2014.

To summarize...RMT did not close. The Polk's (ARISTO) are closing their business. I (and my wife Susie) still own RMT 100%. As our product line grew, especially after much of the former Kline train molds became available to RMT, it became necessary to partner with Polk's/Aristo to utilize their resources to continue RMT's expansion.

Going into 2014, expect RMT to continue as an independent company and produce those many items shown in the RMT catalog and online at

To move RMT forward, I ask for your continued support. To keep informed with RMT updates and ongoing sale info, please visit this RMT website often.

Without you the 'train guys' (and gals) who took the time to include RMT in their train hobby and many industry friends and manufacturing contacts...there may not have been any RMT products to enjoy.

A sincere thank you to all.

Walter M. (and Susie) Matuch/RMT

January 2, 2014



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"...there is still something magical about a little train running around on a track."

Why Should You Choose RMT for your 0-27/0 gauge trains...

RMT is a family owned company that features high quality but affordably priced 0-27/0 gauge trains for the toy train operator or collector.

If you remember those toy trains that held a special appeal under the Christmas tree of your not worry as RMT also remembers.

Using many years of actual prototype railroading experience combined with 21st Century manufacturing ability has allowed RMT to offer what many toy train hobbyists are calling the best 0-27 gauge toy trains available in today's marketplace.

RMT features colorful paint schemes in those many railroads that criss-crossed America...with names that were a geography lesson (remember geography?) as you read the boxcars that rolled by.

Set up a toy train layout on the floor, get down close and watch those trains run by. Close your eyes and remember how it was when you were a child operating your toy trains.

RMT offers a wide assortment of toy trains, tracks, buildings and accessories to share this wonderful hobby with your children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Rather than just offer 3 or 4 roadnames in a freight car...RMT offers at least 20 different RRs in every car type so you can choose shortlines, regional favorites or mainline giants.

Each railroad depicted on an RMT locomotive, passenger car or freight car is a realistic model of the 'real thing'. Fully painted in each railroad's colors with logos and lettering that recreate the prototype but in model form.

When you contact or visit with RMT at a train show or hobby shop display, there is a good chance you will talk to me - Walter, the company president.

I like trains and have spent many years 'on the railroad'. If you have a problem - question - concern or me and I will try my best to help.


Welcome to the RMT ON-LINE Store...affordable and durable O/0-27 Gauge 3-Rail Electric Toy Trains. Check out our latest offerings by clicking on the categories at the left and then click again on each image for a larger picture and ordering information. Please visit often as our catalog expands with additional railroad names and new items added frequently.

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