In 2016, Memorial Day is celebrated on Monday, May 30th. While it is a fitting day to honor our Fallen Military Service men and many of us remember when Memorial Day was always celebrated on May 30th., regardless of what weekday it was ?

We also need to remember those who perished on December 7th, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii...a date that seems to have lost its importance nowadays. A good train friend recently sent me this video and I would like to share it with you is a truly moving experience...

At our home we fly the Stars and Stripes every day. For Memorial Day, a special American flag flies...a flag that flew over an American Military Base in far away Iraq, given to us by an American Sailor...Seabee Lance Pruknal...who is also a toy train operator and a friend who also served in Afghanistan.


Especially during this Memorial Day 2016, take the time to reflect and remember those who have answered the final call, perhaps a few additional moments of silence in respect of their memory.

A soldier — whether active duty, discharged, retired, reserve or at eternal rest — is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to, and including his/her life.” Sadly, over the years, many of these checks have been cashed but we each need to remember these soldiers every day with enduring thanks.

May God bless, keep close to Him and protect our current day soldiers and keep them safe when in harm's way.

I remember them all including the memories of my dad Walter/US ARMY who fought in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge and across Europe, my father-in-law Mickey in WWII/US Navy in Europe, my Uncle Mike/US ARMY in WWII on Iwo Jima and across the Pacific, my uncle Joey/US ARMY post-war on the DEW line in Alaska, my uncle-in-law Andy/US ARMY in WWII with General Patton, my uncle-in-law John/US ARMY in the Phillipines and my grandfather-in-law Joe/US MERCHANT MARINE SERVICE/US NAVY in WWII and US Navy in Vietnam War era...with deepest gratitude.

Thank you...and God Bless America.

Walter and Susie Matuch

NOTE: This special Memorial Day Tribute will remain on the RMT website until Wednesday, June 1st, 2016.