The SUSQUEHANNA was originally a New Jersey shortline that ran from Edgewater, NJ on the Hudson River to North Western NJ and interchanged with the ERIE, LACKAWANNA, LEHIGH & HUDSON RIVER and LEHIGH NEW ENGLAND Railroads across New Jersey. Control of the WILKES-BARRE and EASTERN RR allowed entry into Scranton, PA area. Fortunes changed and in the post war years the NYS&W cut back into New Jersey and after the L&NE was abandoned in 1961, ran as far West as Sparta Jct. NJ. In the 1980s the Susie-Q was purchased by the Delaware Otsego Corp. and expanded into a true regional railroad of nearly 500 miles. Subsequent consolidations and sale to a CSX-NS partnership has resulted in a smaller SUSQUEHANNA that still is a major player in the NE Railroad Scene.

The Susie-Q logo was adopted in the late 1950's and was applied to the NYS&W fleet of 40 ft boxcars. This RMT version is the only known variation of this logo on a yellow boxcar.

Each car has a different roadNUMBER so you can run multiple SUSQUEHANNA box cars in your train.