*NEW ITEM*  COAL HOPPER   IN STOCK<br>First Roadname listed now.<br>UPDATE March 5, 2019

The RMT-new O-gauge Classic 96200 coal car series of freight cars are clearly superior in many ways to any previously produced postwar 6464 Series cars.

The RMT-New O-gauge cars are now basically a completely re-tooled freight car with metal chassis, metal door guides, underbody details showing an airbrake system, removable coal load, operating metal couplers w/hidden uncoupler tab and fast-roll metal wheels.

However, any previous RMT production of only 1 specific Railroad roadnumber will not be repeated...allowing each railroad series to continue with multiple roadNUMBERS available.

The RMT-New O-gauge CLASSIC 64 Series cars are true 3-rail O-gauge freight cars

They feature: Certificate of Authenticity - Limited Edition Different roadnumbers for each RR Operates O-27 curves Realistic painting -l ettering - numbers Underside hatch detailed doors Removable Coal load Diecast metal trucks w/operating couplers O-gauge Dimensions approx. 12in.L x 3 3/8in.H x 2 3/8in.W

All RMT-New O-gauge CLASSIC 64 Series freight cars will be available as individual items and not as SETs. However, there will be different roadNUMBERS available for each railroadNAME as shown below or just a single roadNUMBER depending upon specific railroadNAME.

These freight cars are fully compatible with RMT BEEP®, BEEF® and BANG® diesels and cabooses and are an exciting addition to any toy train empire.

Also compatible with most LIONEL, K-line, MTH, Atlas, Williams and Weaver electric trains, these O Gauge cars are perfect for use on O and O-27 3-Rail model train layouts.