CLASSIC 64 SERIES FREIGHT CARS<br> *Watch for new RRnames in Late 2017<br><br>*STOCK CAR<br>*WOODSIDE REEFER CAR<br>*TANK CAR<br>*BOX CAR

Originally designed and produced by K-Line Electric Trains of Chapel Hill, NC in 1995, the 6400 series of box-stock and wood-sided reefer freight cars were clearly superior in many ways to any previously produced 6464 Series cars.

New metal details of seperate metal ladders and metal grab railings were superior to previous molded ladders and railings. It was now basically a completely re-tooled freight car with metal chassis, metal door guides, underbody details showing a prototypical airbrake system, operating couplers and metal wheels.

The Tank Car was originally produced in 1956 by Kusan and was updated by K-line in 1989 with a single dome top platform and similar added details.

In 2012, RMT re-introduced the CLASSIC 64 Series of freight cars in BOX-STOCK-WOODSIDE REEFER and TANK Car styles. However, any previous K-line production of specific roadnumber will not be repeated allowing each railroad series to continue.

The CLASSIC 64 Series cars are approx. 10 1/4 inches long over couplers and will feature metal ladders, metal grabrails, operating couplers, stamped metal chassis, underbody airbrake details, diecast trucks with metal wheels and upgraded painting decoration that includes front/rear end data never before on a '64' Series box-stock-wood reefer car style.

All CLASSIC 64 Series freight cars will be available as individual items and not as SETs. However, there will be 2 different roadNUMBERS available for each roadNAME as shown below.

CLASSIC 64 Series<br>* STOCK CAR Section<br><br> *SOLD OUT
CLASSIC 64 Series
* STOCK CAR Section



CLASSIC 64 Series<br>* WOODSIDE REEFER CAR Section:<br><br> *SOLD OUT
CLASSIC 64 Series



CLASSIC 64 Series<br>* TANK CAR Section:<br><br> *SOLD OUT
CLASSIC 64 Series
* TANK CAR Section:



CLASSIC 64 Series<br>* BOXCAR Section:<br><br> *Watch For FALL 2017 Announcements
CLASSIC 64 Series
* BOXCAR Section:

*Watch For FALL 2017 Announcements

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