SOLD OUT<br>BS/BETH STEEL Steelton, PA #165543-165544

Photo shows RMT-96719-4 BS/BETHLEHEM STEEL Steelton, PA Plant #165543, part of a 2-car set as BS-Steelton Plant #165543-165544. NOTE: Sold only as a SET of 2 differently numbered BETHLEHEM STEEL Steelton, PA plant ORE cars. Individual BETHLEHEM STEEL ORE cars are not available...and plant locations cannot be mixed. Only 1 plant location per each 2-pack set.

The Bethlehem Steel Company was founded in Bethlehem, PA in 1861. This Ore Car Set is referenced to the Bethlehem Steel Company plant location in Steelton, PA and also to the BS subsidiary railroad...the Steelton & Highspire RR. The S&H performed all the railroad interchange for the plant and delivered/received railcars in interchange from the PENNSYLVANIA and READING RRs.

Mineral orange with black BS lettering/numbers and black-red-white BS logo.. A unique prototypically influenced paint scheme not ever modelled in 3-rail O gauge before.

There are 5 different BETHLEHEM STEEL ORE Car 2-pack Sets. Each set is referenced to a different BETHLEHEM STEEL Plant location and has specific references to the local BS Railroad serving each plant.

96719-1 BETHLEHEM STEEL Bethlehem, PA Plant
96719-2 BETHLEHEM STEEL Johnstown, PA Plant
96719-3 BETHLEHEM STEEL Sparrows Point, MD Plant
96719-4 BETHLEHEM STEEL Steelton, PA Plant
96719-5 BETHLEHEM STEEL Lackawanna (Buffalo), NY Plant