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PO Box 173
Bloomsbury, NJ 08804

RMT Customer Service Hours are ONLINE through email Only 24/7/365.


All Ready Made Trains/RMT-DIRECT orders to a USA street address are based upon actual UPS Shipping Charges. However, the UPS rate shown on Order Form may not be actual rate you are charged since RMT has a Preferred Customer Rate from UPS that cannot be shown on your Order Form. These rates are usually lower than the UPS rate shown on Order Form and will be listed only the Invoice included with your shipment. There is no additional handling charge added by RMT-DIRECT®. RMT-DIRECT® reserves the right to send, at our option, any USA orders by USPS/US MAIL/United States Postal Service or Fedex Ground. CANADA orders also have optional UPS or US MAIL shipping at actual charges. Foreign country orders, as listed on order form, will only have US MAIL shipping at actual charges.


RMT-DIRECT® will offer items for sale that are actually in stock or have expected delivery within 30 days. We do not accept backorders. All orders placed through Ready Made Trains/RMT-DIRECT® online, by mail, fax or phone are subject to these policies.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: Returns only for repair or replacement as per Warranty.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ORDERS: To place an order for an item, a valid form of payment is required. We have now added PAYPAL as our online order processing partner. You can use your PAYPAL account or a valid Discover, Visa, or MasterCard with a valid expiration date. Postal money order is also accepted as a valid form of payment. Your order will only be charged at time of shipment. Since, as stated above, RMT-DIRECT® cannot guarantee exactly when your order will be charged, the use of a debit card to hold your order is made at your own risk.

VALID CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS: RMT-DIRECT® will make every reasonable effort to contact you if your credit/debit card holding an order has expired. Please contact RMT-DIRECT® by email for any questions concerning your order.

DECLINED OR EXPIRED CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS: Orders are shipped in the sequence that they are received. If your credit card is invalid or declined, RMT-DIRECT® will make every reasonable attempt to contact you. However, if you do not promptly respond to any communication attempts, your order will be cancelled along with any other orders you may have on backorder. When you do respond with a new valid form of payment, your order will be fulfilled or reinstated as soon as possible. This may mean waiting for the next shipment of an item if sold out in the interim.

CANCELLATION OF PAYPAL or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ORDERS: Orders are charged immediately upon completing order form as this is a PAYPAL requirement. Once processing has begun on your order and it has been charged, the sale is considered final and you may no longer cancel the order.

PRE-PAID ORDER - MONEY ORDER PAYMENT: While pre-payment is not required, some customers prefer to pay for their orders by postal money order in advance. Checks must be drawn on a USA bank account. Money orders must be payable in US$ dollars. Personal checks are not accepted at this time. There is a $35 fee charge for any money order payment that does not clear.

PRE-PAID ORDER CANCELLATION: Prior to the shipping of your item, you may cancel a pre-paid order and the amount you paid will be refunded or credited to a future purchase.

EXPECTED DELIVERY DATES: While items are usually in stock when initially advertised, the newer items, or the most popular ones, may be subject to unexpected arrival delays from the factory.

RMT-DIRECT®'s best estimate of an expected delivery date will be available online at the time of your order but this is only an estimate of arrival date. Many factors can cause a change in that expected date and RMT-DIRECT® will try to have updated information available for delays in these delivery dates.

SHIPPING: If you order more than one item, RMT-DIRECT® reserves right to ship partial orders. For USA customers, RMT-DIRECT® may use United Parcel Service/UPS to ship your order and a complete street delivery address is required including ZIPCODE and daytime phone number, however RMT-DIRECT® reserves the right to send, at our option, any USA orders by USPS/US MAIL/United States Postal Service. APO-FPO Military address orders are also accepted but may require additional information to complete ordering RMT-DIRECT® by email. CANADA orders may utilize UPS or US MAIL shipping options. Foreign orders other than to CANADA require additional handling and shipping charges.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please notify RMT-DIRECT® of any change in your billing address, delivery address or phone number. If RMT-DIRECT® does not have your current information on file prior to shipment, your order may be delayed. You are responsible for any charges incurred due to an incorrect or changed address.

EMAIL PRODUCT UPDATES AND OTHER INFO: On occasion, RMT-DIRECT® may send emails about new products or special sales/offers. Unless specifically requested to DELETE your email address, RMT-DIRECT® will use the email address listed on orders placed through RMT-DIRECT® website for this activity. Under no circumstances will RMT-DIRECT® share any of your information with other companies, individuals or organizations.

WARRANTY SERVICE: Return for Repair or Replacement. Please contact Customer Service before you return any item for repair or replacement. Regardless of the nature of the situation, an e-mail will simplify the procedure and insure that your item is handled in a timely manner and returned to you promptly.

Handling/Return Shipping charge is required on all WARRANTY or Repair Service.

WARRANTY SERVICE...USA CUSTOMERS ONLY: - for powered locomotive or railcar include US $18.00 and for freight or passenger car include US $10.00 for each item. Please include payment by postal money order or personal check. If any repairs are needed that are not covered by Warranty, RMT-DIRECT® Repair Dept. will contact you with estimated cost before completing any repair.

WARRANTY SERVICE...OUTSIDE RMT-DIRECT® Repair Dept. c/o for proper Handling/Return Shipping charge for your respective country.


P.O. Box 173, Bloomsbury, NJ, USA 08804

NOTE: Address label must include the name...RMT-DIRECT® Repair Dept. properly route your repair.