New York and Atlantic Railway (NYA) was established 20 years ago as a collaborative approach between the Metropolitan Transit Authority/ the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) and Anacostia Rail Holdings (ARH) to privatize rail freight services on LIRR.

NYA operates over 270 miles throughout the LIRR network and maintains selected sidings and tracks designated exclusively for freight service.

ARH has a family of six short line railroads across the United States. ARH is widely recognized by its peers and the Class 1 railroads as a pioneer in the development of franchises in complex operating environments.

NYA expanded itís business to serving 65 customers, more than half of which became new customers since NYA took over freight operations on the LIRR.

NYA traffic has more than doubled and the railroad handles a variety of commodities that are critical to the local economy. Sand loading at the former LIRR customer in Aquebouge, NY is referenced on each NYA car.